The Royal We (Instrumentals)

by zKx1000



More tracks are finished, and have yet to be uploaded. Some is FIRE that can't be released yet.

I'm looking for free (or trade) studio time to get this junk recorded. ONLY QUALITY please. :) Love.


released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved



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Track Name: I Know
Dear /Lord .,. It's been a minute since I wrote you
_ I built a tower to heaven, but then it broke, ooo
_ Lord, I hope you still hear me and I know you
do, I'm just bummed cuz we used to be close, true

_ now it's different, what happened to reverence?
_ I admit I been neglecting true repentance
_ I'm defenseless, a mess, and all aloof
a /culprit of the consequence, and living proof

_ I need a job and got a baby on the way
plus I'm /married to her mother, and I'm planning to stay
_ I'll get it right, it might just take a couple tries
_ as long as ain't nobody see through my disguise

_ I'm doing fine just don't look into my lies
/i don't want the truth to catch my homies by surpirse
_ what if they knew I talk to you and hear your voice
when I'm a/wake, oh wait, they might believe that I'm a .,.

_ and that's a no no word, we don't say that
_ I'm bound to give you less than I take back
_ I know I got a long way to go I just
Hope today it's not too late for me soul

_ I know it's long row to hoe
_ gimme a sip of living water, and I'll go!
_ I know I need you father, and I know
that I'm /headed back home where I'll be made whole

I said I wrote the music for you and instead
I /started making rap tracks for me and my friends
went from seeing you then to sneaking weed in my den
Just take a hit of this, honey, and you know we can pretend

_ and act like we love each other tonight
_ until you hit on my friend, and then we fight
_ really now, tell me what this is and I'll
Swish it all away with a lime and a piss

another G-T who's paying for this?
oh the girl in the dress who just hurled on my chest
_ she's kinda cute, but she's upside down
oh /wait, I am? okay I get it now

_ Sorry God, did you want something?
_ I know I got church tomorrow
_ I know I need a shirt to borrow
_ I know I fill your heart with sorrow

_ I know, I said I'll be there
Falling asleep, not bored, just tired
_ I know that message was fire!
now if I could just get the words straight in my head

What was it he said? What did he say?

_ I've been a cheater, you can ask Michelle
_ even my wife knows my story well
_ I've been bad, been wrong, been worse
been a pawn to my anger played the murderous curse

_ I've hit a woman, and I'm sure not proud
shouted at my momma and cussed my pops out
once i helped my homeboy rob this old lady who was
sleeping on her couch while her safe got raided

_ I've been afraid that maybe I'd never make it
Tried to trade the call for a couple scene points
_ I swear I don't think I'd ever seen joints that
/size, poof gone right in front of my eyes

_ I know I never really got high (just low)
_ I know I barely even got by (I know)
_ I know I had a log in my eye just
waiting for the splinter in the next passer by

_ I know you payed the debt that I owed
_ I know you paved the city with gold
_ I know you came and died for my soul
and I know I'm gonna be made whole...
Track Name: Luther Got Love (All Or Nothing)
10 billion ways to do whatever I like, I
/_ I wanna give you all the rest of my life, I
_ I wanna live it like I'm blessed to be Light like
the /recipe's right fresher than fresh on a mic like

_ brighter than lite brite to shine in the night like
I'm /grinding it tight like a line on a knife, might
en/lighten the trite, giving sight to the psyche
like a ride for the mind around the sky on a kite

_ surround the crowd in a sound till they get down
i wanna /see em on their knees beggin the Lord to be found
_ it's not about me, let His glory abound
until our /eyes are on the skies not on the shade of our brown

_ until the Maker's in town leaving His mark
_ until the light in my heart's more than a spark
_ give You my all I got to shine in the dark
and show Your /name to be more than just a passing remark

_ All or nothing, would you /change me?
_ Cuz I don't want to do this /half way
_ All of me for all of /My King
It's the be/ginning of my life, and I want to live it right
so I /gotta shine the light with all that I bring

I /wrote this in a moment of passion, is that a crime?
To /give my God the glory, like I know it ain't mine?
I /flow and blow minds at the show in they own prime
and I'm /still waiting with patience for my chance to shine

_ But God divine, take the whole damned rap game
_ It's a rat race for man's fame, and that's lame
_ You're the lamb slain, I'm more like a mutant
half /human, half super, still learning, still stupid

_ but yo You got me loving You more like cupid
was /posted at my door with an automatic shootin
all of my pollution gets pure in your solution
cuz you /never stagnate, You're the author of my movement

Everything for You is, nothing in comparison
Everything we do is fronting when compared to Him
_ I wanna see my God's face like the Seraphim and
Cherubim, I'm giving my all just to be near to Him

/Everybody's got a diff-er-ent opinion on the way that
/I should rock the mic, but did you ask The Rock of Life, or
_ The Rock of Ages, I'm a walk upon the stages while some
people turn the page and nevermind the price He paid, just

_ just forget about it, I don't even need this
wack em/cees is on the mic I'm dyin of boredom like a fetus
_ I see you followers and feel the lack of leaders
_ you see me best believe i will be packin heaters

_ unwrap the neatest, my attacks will have you speechless
cats that pledge allegiance to the masses, can't believe this
_ young genius who ain't all about my penis
when I /call 'em how I see this point you to the Inner Seed it's

_ On my knees and honestly it's got to be His
_ and Wanna be's, send 'em to the Donna Street it's
_ All or nothing, cuz I can't settle for fronting
and I won't settle for nothing so I'm giving it my all
Track Name: Israel's Revenge
_ AP to square one, _ snapped to stare one
_ Capt. to bare none bar none a fair pun
_ some would dare run the mouth like the fair one
_ too proud to stoop down to where sun

_ don't shine, bring the rain, let me grow
_ feel the pain of the proud, let me know
_ grey the cloud, still a drought, cold with snow
feel the /ground start to shake when the flakes touch and go

_ not a pro, but a vet ever yet
get res/pect in the place rock your face and collect
_ couple daps, couple tips from the Smash
and e/nough to put gas in the car, not a star

/_ get a start on the jump, switch the heart, not a
/chump, double pump got a bump and kept it on the low
_ people ought to know smiley guy is comical
_ plus he brought the blow nose probably got a hole

_ mad dash to claim cash after his nap, he
came /back acting hard with his skateboard to scrap

_ and talk smack like a relapsed junkie
baby I never beg, so I'll get you just to see
_ dogs eat kibbles and bits in this house,
_ you can't get by on old tricks, so sit down

_ lay down, roll over, play dead
_ blame shift, this game's way over your head

_I'm so sick of this rain
sucker rappin coke addicts all wet, the same
_ I'll spit the flame like it's propane exploding
to /show heads at shows who don't know what I'm holding

_ pencil stick in the grain
Flip the script on sanity, all bets off this game
_ Equip the flame to sear eyelids wide open
to /know and be known as the choice and the chosen

_ .,. a voice for the broken

_ clap for synapse, the grid locks, the chin flaps
_ ask the demagogues and demigods to relax
_ if you are what you claim to be about
let the /prophets have a talk with the God you keep the people from

_ let the people have a thought of their own
and /decide to let it surrender to God on the throne
_ you talk a lot but what's the rot in your home?
Top of the ladder's first to get stepped on when He descends

_ people meeting in homes in need of friends
_ pastor's kickin it with hookers again
_ and plus raking in the leaves like ends
of the /summer season, choose to leave, convicted then of committing treason

_ oh to breathe in the fresh breath of His presence
Spirit's in the air is in His palm is in remotest deserts
_ calm the peasants, when His holiness is almost home?
_ angry brothers seeing red should leave the heat alone

_ and keep the peace of knowing preparation's made
Justice coming soon and Judgment's right around the way
_ that means mercy for the hurting and it's cleansing
for the /dirty. all is coming to end and getting early

_ so welcome the dawn of the New Day where darkness reigns no more and Christ's Light is bright enough to illuminate. He is the Way

_ I'm so sick of man's reign
hipster Christianity's all wet, the same
_ I'll get the flame if it kills me to hold it
to /know and be known by the One and behold Him

_ been so sick from this pain
Flip the script on sanity all bets off this game
_ I'll rep the flame, if He's willing to show it
to /Know and be known as a Son and be home, kid
Track Name: Pictures at the Museum of AP
_ with finesse and, yes, style I caress the next
/smile via eardrums hoping that you could hear some
_ armor piercing, let down your wall type
rhymes that are all rightly for your all night

_ washed out rappers fade like they all white
_ dropping N bombs, cuz they host they own night
_ on the yo like yay here we go
like /hate was in the stars for your fate, cuz you're a hard guy

_ but it's a far cry, truth crush a hard lie
think he's on the top so he's looking for a fall guy
_ all in all, more drama than the mall, try to
claim you got beef, no lie, just a small fry

_ So don't call, why? I don't want to hear it
No heart, no soul, and you lack the spirit
_ Don't be cocky, son, never did I fear it
need to /quarantine your wackness, I just can't get near it

_ took your picture at the spot, caught your eyes half
/open, .,. on the truth still chokin
_ wind blows and you're ki-yay-yo-in
_ on your mind, cold snowing

_ it's a lie, when you say it's all good
grew up in the burbs claiming roots in the hood
now you're getting perved, hittin herb, chasin birds
and you claim it's hip hop when you drop the N word

So you got a little clout around town... You've made quite a name for yourself, huh?

_saw your picture from the spot, got your eyes half
/open, .,. on the truth still chokin
_ wind blows and you're ki-yay-yo-in
_ on your mind, cold snowing

_ it's a lie, when you say it's all good
grew up in the burbs claiming roots in the hood
now you're getting perved, lacin herb, chasin birds
and you claim it's hip hop when you drop the N word
Track Name: Whoasive Deux'd (compressed)
_ ,., her man shows /up
,., she done him /wrong
,., he pulls his /gun
,., to end her /song

_ ,., the time has /come
,., for what you've /done
,., he pulls his /gun
,., he pulls his /

_ gun out, sticks it in her mouth
_ suck that, honey, payback, now
/lay flat, down on the ground, don't face me
_ don't hate me, baby, cuz lately

_ I've been trying to meet you half wayly
_ sky's grey, shade hazy, you craze me
/rape me, make me less than a man
/hold my hand when you're happy again

_ that's when he started slappin her and, man
_ she remembers how it used to be when, then
_ all of the sudden, WAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM
maybe /this is all my fault, runs through her head, and

_ he's well aware of everything he could have did and
_ shoulda been, woulda but didn't give in and
_ she's so pretty, but he pulls back the hammer
/two bullets left, only one of them's for her

_ ,., her man shows /up
,., she done him /wrong
,., he pulls his /gun
,., to end her /song

_ ,., the time has /come
,., for what you've /done
,., he pulls his /gun
,., he pulls his /

_ trump card, laying out in the yard
/bring me a beer, come here, it's getting hard
_ you're getting scarred and I'm getting what i want
_ you're getting hot, baby gimme what i want

_ I want you, and I mean every last drop
_ I want to taste your face, until your heart stops
_ blood sucker, bad lover in the place
with a /_ bad picture of his mother to replace

_ you could be so much more to me if ya
_ just do what I please, now please, hunny
_ love me, but you best respect me
_ take care of the best you've seen yet

_ ,., her man shows /up
,., she done him /wrong
,., he pulls his /gun
,., to end her /song

_ ,., the time has /come
,., for what you've /done
,., he pulls his /gun
,., he... he... he... /

he/_ lays gracefully, lazy and wasteful
/_ full of hatred and pride, what a spectacle
_ chin checkable make you want to wreck a fool
_ look in the mirror now _ it's gettin clearer, wow

_ she's a child in the arms of a grown man
_ so vulnerable, to your cold hand
_ hold that heart softly and tender
drop to your knees, you forgot to defend her

_ all I'm saying is maybe dude is you
_ all I'm saying, dude is maybe me too
_ all I'm saying, it's a two way street
she /buys me groceries, and I'm making a beat

_ taking a seat in the passenger side of her
_ old van, I'm broke, we're both tired and
_ no joke this time I'm so spent
/feelings of lament, relent, she's heaven sent

(final hook amended lyrics to be updated!)
Track Name: Good Vibes Baby
(_ no matter what we face
_ girl don't give up on me
_ no matter what they say
_ stay love baby, stay love baby

_ whatever comes our way
_ look to the son, baby
we're gonna be all right
we're gonna be okay
<2nd time:
I'm gonna love you>)

_ no matter we face, no matter what
_ don't give up and me I won't give up
_ no matter what they say, no matter what
_ we stay love, baby, we stay love

_ whatever comes our way, whatever comes
_ look to the Son, baby, look to the Son
_ we're gonna be all right, cuz you're the love of my life,
and I'ma hold you tight, and I'ma love you... yeah

_ Heres to new beginnings and true friendship
_ through the end, forever until death and
_ whatever weather we're better off together
so let's walk and never let go of each other's

hearts it's hard trying to do it all alone,
I /know, but we don't have to no more, so
_ stay close beside me let's ride, see the
end of the world from our corner of the sky

_ never let 'em decide if you was fly
_ you're the beauty beheld in my eye
_ you're my joy, my pride, my one and
/only, .,. I need you to hold me

_ nobody knows me like you know me
_ nobody's ever made me feel so lonely
as /when you're gone, so baby, don't go
please /hold on tight while we travel this road/

(sample grouch saying "spicy wifey")

_ who's the mother of my child to be
It's my /bride, my queen, spicy, Ashley
_ wifey, plus my very best friend
you're the one I wanna spend life with, if you ask me

_ in the past we've had these tragedies
_ but we're learning to pass each gradually
_ until it's it's naturally all we do, casually
follow through, and we'll see _ we're gonna be

o/kay .,. at the end of the day
you're /home where I stay, in my heart when I Pray,
_ you're the one I want to cuddle with, nuzzle with
just a bit more, then we're out the door

_ to stay love in the face war
_ no other woman could amount to more
_ you're the meaning of my metaphor
if it's /raining out there, stay home, let it pour!
Track Name: Lord, Bless Amerika
_ ,.,they don't know your /struggle
_ ,., _ ,.,
_,., they don't know my pain
_,., _ ,.,
_ ,., Lord bless Amerika
_ ,., _ ,.,
_ ,., for our oppressors we pray

\_ burning coals, burning coals
on their head
i'll take this cross instead

_ sirens every night, curtains blockin light, it's like
_ violence, crime is on the rise and out of sight
how's your /life? ,how's your wife? and that white picket fence dream?
the /alley's an intense scene, just before the swat team

(I hear) _ C.R.E.A.M. , but not inside of me, still I gotta
/try to meet the deadline on my rent again, whatever then
_ snapped a pencil bent a pen and just to try to vent
/_ and represent without intoxicants, I gots to vent

_ but yo these cops have been harassin and accostin' and
blastin men from Boston to the Cali border bottom and
_ I sorta want 'em dead and let me live my life again
_ and so I write to get some recompense, and fight the wind

_ it's blowing back at me while juris doctors laugh at me
but /naturally, I have to be combating all the wack in these
_ Come back and please, send forth Your reign of peace, but
_ until the pain decease, i got to stake my claim and say my
/_ piece

_ I got a check up in the mail yesterday
_ but it was addressed to A-I-G
_ it was for Bill-ions, silly on a not so lightly
/taken type of statement, like the letter from my bank is

_ feeling outrageous, I considered the odds
could I /cash it on a fake identity card
I'd be /_ Adam Isaac Geuterrez
then I real/ized that they'd probably try to label me a terrorist

_ Oh, I'll take care of this, I thought to myself
I'll /change the order of and make 'em pay to me wealth, well
_ I was in mid muse, visualizing my crew
_ rolling heavy in the feti when the feds busted through

_ into the room, man I tripped over the broom
and i fell /face first .,. and on his boots I could taste dirt
_ it sorta made my face hurt when they started to stomp me
_ the pain was momentary, _ and it was lights out /promptly

/Doctors gettin monetary incentives from pharmaceuti/cal companies
bumping up the likelyhood to medicate?
_ and sedate the free thinkers, as of late
I'm /thinking I could make a great pair of roller skates

_ or maybe Nikes, likely, I would rather be a slave,
_ oh wait, here comes the boss, _ guess I'd better behave
_ minimum pay, maximum they expectate
well, /_ I gotta get back from this break, I think I'm late

(stop music)

Track Name: Take No Prisoners-f/Commenter-E
_ step to the left, now write this
clef and take note, the palette, paint floats
_ No joke when I tell it, faith hopes
_ so close to a talent, make note

_ quotes wrote to intelligent folks
handlebars, nope and they roll on broke spokes
_ choke throats to inhale a dope smoke
and they /hail a dope joke on the day the dope woke

_ don't toke, but i used to go broke
smokey smoke smoking on the rope a dope, loc
_ not a loc, but i got to know folk
who shot the one homie that I used to know,whoa

_ nope, I am not a felon but I woulda been
saved from the pen and what coulda, prolly shoulda been
_ put a sin in the den get a dent in the
end, but I got Great Friend, and a betterment

_ that's a letter in the process, watch this
correspondence show up like God sends
_ Sent across this cont'nent cautious
Gosh it's fresh like the chain I'm off this

_ So when the DJ drop this, off heads
Go, cuz I pop this flow and I lock kids
soul like a target scope and a hard hit
/home .,. and the march it goes like
Track Name: Beautiful World
_ bright star in the darkest day
_ some follow along the way
_ Light spark in my heart, okay
_ It's a beautiful world. It's a beautiful world

_ they target the market like
_ skip love, you can have the life
_ watch out 'fore they take your sight
_ It's a beautiful world, It's a beautiful world

maybe start with verse

_ Welcome to the way of the gun
Cold out under the summer sun
_ who's looking out for number one?
everybody move to the drum, bum, bum

_ three, two, one, make a sad track fun
kick a nice rap like back from a shotgun
_ it's a hot one, two, three, bum, bum
drum to the move everybody to the groove

_ So smooth on a rough type life
face to the wall with your back to a knife
laughin at wisdom will get you none hun
off with the mouth, into a conundrum

_ Can't wait anymore for this
_ Heart mind metamorphosis
_ start climbing the fortune is
at the /summit, so we gotta keep it steady like the drum hit

_ In This beautiful world, it's pitiful
/women don't feel like they're pretty enough
_ Dudes actin' rough, and people grab the
stuff, just to fill up a broken cup

con-sumerism is a choice we make
_ People listen to my voice and take a
_second look at the weapon of the snake
Self preservate, formaldehyde brain state

_ Irate, bitter fate, stay sedate
complicate the way, conjugate with hate
_ skip that, gotta look to the Love
Separate the fake, shake away the mud

_ learn to fly, said hit the sky
_ crash course how to wreck the lies
_ smash forth, and destroy the pride
_ It's a beautiful world, Live a beautiful life
Track Name: All Rightly (Not Here)
Joggin to the corner, I'm trying to catch my stretch limo
I got a month pass, that's cheaper than gas, you know!
Coolin in the front because I love to sit sideways
Rappin to myself while the 4 be on the by-ways

All the way to down town to catch a set!
hopin that I can cop a ride home, yeah you bet
Late as it might get, I try not to fret,
Cuz a cab always makes for good company, yeah

But it seems like every last penny spent
Just to get my foot into the door and then jet, see
all I wanna do is rock this mic for like a minute
I know you need an opener so let me get up in it

And when I grip it you could see the way I rip it
and then compare me to that rapper from infinite
and when it's said and done, you can cop the album, take it home and tell your homie just the place to buy one!

All rightly then, chap, let's have a go at it
be kickin flows like rehab to bad habits
mouth foamin like "oh dag this kat's rabid! somebody grab him cuz the illness is rampant," that's it yeah!

and it runs through my middles
see me in the back row, practicin a fiddle
just to get up on top of your roof and give a little bit of my conviction soaked up in a ball of spittle

my acquittal is merited not to me
off of the top of the pile i'll rock it fully
smiling at you bullies like, i won't let you rule me
you can catch me like a frigidaire in the corner cooling

sometimes rap is where it's at but when my heart rings
i just got to make like pavoratti and sing
until the death me, keep it on the recipe good home cookin from heaven's kitchen you best believe

now it's whitely spoken like you're talking while you're tokin
chokin on the thickness of this message till you're broken
falling to your knees becomes a regular activity now everything you see is more colorful than green

that's me! at least I want it to be
I'll never quit until my dream is actually
right in front of me because i'm sick of running, see
so now i'm banging on this drum until the troops ready to rally, yeah

so try to tell me one more THING about hip hop
and watch me put your giddy girlfriend up in a headlock
I mean your DJ with all that sloppy scratching
so what I ain't brought one, I'm just ere-erap-re-erappin

and that's what's happenin on the track
and someday i'll maybe pay somebody snaps to get my back
until then just hold it down as well as i can
skip your gimmicks and make it stick for all the rap fans yeah