Rich Pauper, Poor Prince (Single)

by soul.ILL

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Single from the album "The Royal We"


released August 14, 2011



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Track Name: Rich Pauper, Poor Prince
I find /beauty in the little inconsistencies in life
_ no hesitations got me up late nights
_ I shed a tear because the struggle got me here
and with/out it, I wonder what I might be like

_ some type of lifeless, loveless mess
hand /caught on the temptress' dress, I digress
_ but it's about time to free that mind
mean that rhyme and be that shine, so one time

I'll be the /_ rich pauper _ the poor prince
and if the /shoe fits, I'll probably cop it soon as I can pay rent

_ collect the payment at the end of my day
and praise /God because He made me this way

_walking the pavement

and it's a /struggle .,. I got a lot I want to say
sounds of /silence got em talking away, "it's okay"
_ so try to play me like a broken Nintendo
it /won't work .,. no matter how how dope these men blow

See me at the show and say hello, nod a head at me fel/low
and we can meet up on the sidewalk and flow
try talking slow, but my jargons quick
and thick like asphalt, hot for making it stick

_ pockets full of lent _ rockets heaven bound
_ jot the betterment _ God sent, leather bound
_ not significant _ I'm not better now
_ got the rhythm it's magnificent whatever sound

_ off and on, _ lost and gone
_ found in town pounding mountains down to lawns
_ surrounding pawns _ flanking fakes
_ the clowns are wrong so I _raise the stakes

_ Who got the right to first refuse it in this music
listen /cool kids I ain't stupid, I improve with time and prove it
rhyming /fluent climbing through it till I'm on top
_ a new year, and you can't wait to hear the bomb drop

_ so who's dropping the ball, I'll be on top of it all
_ rhyming more proper than ya'll finding on top at the mall
_ still you coppin them all, flailing and floppin
in fall/ fashion .,. yo is that what you call smashin?

_ I'm all passion, and blastin the fiberglass
like cars /crashing from driving too fast, you find the rhyme and you laugh
_ It's prime time that you ask and do math,
cuz you /rapping is a flag at half mast, true dat

_ with boom bap, yo who's that they say he need
a new /hat and yo his shoes are too old but he's cold
when he flaps jaw raps he haw you play the ass
crack a joke and stay literate, ill and plus legitimate

_ you get it yet? it's a sentence for life
run /on and tell that, and autotune your new life
_ you do right, I do like I know best
and praise /God I got a treasure in my chest, aw yes

_ so what's my net worth? unknown and unheard
repping open microphone sessions still blessin with
one /Word, one truth, one life, one way
one /Lover of my soul, ill so no other would stay

_ no wonder he sways when the wind blows they say
come on over here and learn to walk this way, but wait
You oppress the poor with your political support
and beg to differ claiming morals got you doing it some more

_ see I'm all for Life like no other
_ I think a solid family's got one father and one mother
_ but when you start talking political your story gets
pre/dictable and ripped with holes you tore in your own brothers

_ give more to the poor, or watch the welfare rates soar
extend arms to the woman your law labeled a whore
love labor is giving birth to old truth for new life
so many want to sing along, so few that get the tune right