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by soul.ILL

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released February 2, 2002



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Track Name: Promise
_ my insistance that change is necessary
is /not dependent on if you believe that I'm a visionary
_ I'll take the hatchet and bury it with the killer
barely fit the stereo image typical filler

_ Mind driller with the power to spill your
favorite /MC's guts, that's me, so now what?
Tape my mouth shut, I'm a still be making signs
Point you to the prize beyond the end of the line

_ nothings fine, everything could be better
music is a tool for us to culture more than cheddar
called you on the letter, but I did it for the spirit
Feel it in your soul like it could make your body glow, light

_ colors ,., brothers, listen to each other
Got a lot to offer one another, and another thing is
this, huh ,., you don't have to get a kiss
from the /miss of your dreams, hold off and you'll see

_ she's worth more than a booty call
_ got a big old so ul, and that ain't all
_ you want the key to her heart, you better wait for it
Or it only get worse, this I promise

This, I promise. Always to be honest
Give a little Truth up in my song, yea I promise
exhort, encourage, if it's it false, then I'm a call it
what it /is, never holding back the (Truth, love, light, etc) from these kids

This, I promise. Always to be honest
Give a little Truth up in my song, yea I promise
Studying the word, gotta keep my sword polished
all my enemies'll get "demolished, I promise"

_ you should know that I don't like to make a promise
if I /even think that there's a chance I couldn't keep it, Honest
_ Honest to God, honest to my family
honest to my friends and even those misunderstanding me

_ sometimes, it's hard to be a man of my word
Hard to get it straight when everything is trying to perv
Hard ditch the herb, man, it's hard to spread the word
when my /flesh is such a mess and I keep messing up for sure

_ But all I know is that I never plan to quit
Try not to settle for a lie, or conterfeit
dodgin when it hit the fan, hoping that my house will stand
trying to relocate cuz yo I know the world is made of sand

_ and that's a bad foundation for the plan
to /reach out and teach about the bit I understand
a /little piece of puzzle, I'm an acrobat to juggle
all the /aftermath of what i'll stuff inside of a word pipe

_ and I'll be smoking all you rappers that I don't like
_ nevermind, I'm trying to walk away from that life
_ or maybe I should call it death, cuz it's irrelevant
to heavensent, benevolent, covenant so I'm telling it